Relationships – What Are Relationship Terms Used to Define Relationships?


There are many different terms used to describe relationships. These terms are not always mutually exclusive and can change over time and vary in the context of culture, belief system, and location. Understanding what each term means will help you communicate more clearly. Understanding the terms of relationships can also help you understand what people are really talking about.

They are built on compromise

Compromise is a foundation of healthy relationships. By understanding what each partner values most, you can create a compromise that works for both of you. Compromise doesn’t mean letting go of your core values, though. You can still express your views and have a meaningful conversation about them.

They are mutually beneficial

A mutually beneficial relationship is a partnership that helps both parties achieve their goals. These partnerships are often based on strategic partnerships and require time and energy to build.

They can be toxic

When relationships become toxic, the people in them begin to control their behavior and absorb you into their agenda. Toxic people often make you feel less than you are. Their behavior makes you make unhealthful choices and violate your core values. They get upset when you try to set boundaries.