The Best Synonyms and Idiomatic Expressions For the Word Entertainment


There are over 85 different idiomatic expressions and synonyms for the word entertainment. The word can be used to mean recreation, enjoyment, pastime, movie, or production. There is also a meaning of frolic or merrymaking. Here are some more examples of the word. You can find it in everyday usage. This article will discuss some of the best synonyms and idiomatic expressions for the word entertainment.

a zoo

The main reason that people visit a zoo is to see the animals up close. There’s nothing more enthralling than observing an animal’s behavior up close. Although most zoo visitors spend just a few seconds at a display, they still walk away knowing little about the species that they have just viewed. But there are many disadvantages to a zoo.

The first disadvantage is the cost. In comparison to an ordinary theme park, a zoo is expensive. It will also require a large investment in land. However, it is definitely worth it if you have enough space. A good zoo enclosure will ensure that the animals will not run out of food or water. It will also provide shelter for the animals during bad weather. Then again, a good zoo will never break the bank.

In contrast, animals in zoos are subjected to stressful and abnormal behaviors, which can indicate poor welfare. This is something that needs further research. Some of these behaviors are considered stereotypical and may indicate a lack of stimulation. Some animals exhibit such behaviours as pacing, head-bobbing, and obsessive grooming. Sadly, these animals are also subject to tranquilisers and anti-depressants.

At a zoo

A zoo is a place where animals are kept in special enclosures. These animals are fed and cared for, and sometimes bred to help in conservation efforts. When you visit a zoo, you’ll get to see many species you may never have the chance to see in the wild. It’s also fun to see how people have contributed to the well-being of the animals and the environment.

While it may sound appealing to many, you have to be aware of the negative aspects of zoos. For example, some animals in zoos are endangered in the wild. Many zoos help to save species from extinction, like the Amur Lemur, which lives in the wild but is bred in captivity in zoos. Educate your child about the benefits and risks of zoo visits by downloading the Zoos Debate Resource Pack, which contains information on both sides of the argument.

Once you’ve become familiar with the zoo’s staff, try to be proactive in advocating for additional responsibilities. Using your resume to develop a personal connection with the zoo director may result in a promotion. If the position is vacant, you may consider enrolling in a zoology course online to improve your job prospects. Not only will online education help you get ahead in the workplace, but it will also provide you with an improved understanding of the job.